Please note that all the workshops will last 2h and most of them will be given in english, except for Catherine De Sève’s two workshops which will be bilinguals./ À noter que tous les ateliers ont une durée de 2h et qu’ils sont seront majoritairement donnés en anglais, à l’exception des deux ateliers de Catherine de Sève qui seront bilingues.

EDENIA | BELLY-ROBOTS | Inter-Avancé/ Inter-Adv.
Lets get our Robot funk on. We will begin with a basic intro to popping such as muscle contractions, arms pops, legs pops, and neck pops. Our main focus will be basic robot aka dimestop. Movements of the robot are normally started and finished with a dimestop (a very abrupt stop) and we will fuse it with bellydance. We will make it slow, weird, poppy and creepy. Edenia will also teach you some of her own daily drills and combos will also be taught. Let’s get funky!!!

EDENIA | WAVING IT! | Inter-Avancé/ Inter-Adv.
There is so much we can do; this workshop will be focused on waving. We will start with the basics and get a little advanced. Let’s make waves go through our bodies and fuse them into belly dance. Edenia will show you how to make smooth transitions. A short waving choreography will be taught.

All levels are welcomed in this workshop. An intro to basic popping, learn muscle contractions get that pop to hit hard, we will work on hitting, and a bit of popping movements mixed with Belly dance. There will also be a little bit of basic waving and tutting taught. Belly dance and popping work very well together and Edenia will show you how. Come have some fun and dance. Some experience of Belly dance is required. Bring socks or dance shoes!!

CRYSTAL SILMI | CAST A SPELL | Tous niveaux/ All levels

Enter on a journey through the uncharted waters of your being. Dark Fusion combos that combine refined and powerful technique with dark romantic passion… Cast a spell on the one you desire with these bold & sultry combos.

CRYSTAL SILMI | APOCALYPSE | Inter-Avancé/ Inter-Adv.
These intricate movements are metaphor for the end of the human era on planet earth – defined through dance. With rhythmic precision and technical expertise, dancers will unleash a story through an extended combo that depicts both the strength and vulnerability of the human condition. Dancers sojourn through these movements with an emphasis on musicality.

This workshop will focus intensively on technique, layering and timing. Through drills, dancers will undergo a thorough training in mastering high level technique for belly dance. We will also construct a short combo using these movements combined with a hip hop fusion stylization.

Tous les trucs, astuces et éléments essentiels pour avoir une allure parfaite! Apprenez comment faire un maquillage de scène, découvrez les outils essentiels, le matériel et tout les secrets que Catherine a accumulée avec les années!!! Aussi, vous verrez comment réaliser un costume de A à Z ainsi que les populaires ”head pieces”. Amenez votre maquillage et recevez des conseils personnalisés!

All hints, tips and essential elements of a perfect look! Learn how to make a scene makeup, discover the essential tools, equipment and all the secrets Catherine have accumulated over the years! Also, you’ll learn how to make a costume from A to Z and the popular ”head pieces”. Bring your own makeup and receive individual advices!

CATHERINE DE SÈVE | POSTURE DE LA MORT | Tous niveaux/ All levels
Dans cet atelier, préparez-vous à souffrir… de la bonne manière! Venez découvrir les exercices essentiels pour avoir une posture de l’ENFER! Vous apprendrez comment allonger votre silhouette et avoir des bras magnifiques en tout temps. Vous apprendrez aussi à les renforcer afin d’exalter votre public! Bonus: secrets sur la présence de scène et combos magiques pour apprendre à tourner sans vomir!

In this workshop, be prepared to suffer… the right way! Discover the essentials exercises for a posture of HELL! You will learn how to lenghten your silhouette and have beautiful arms everytime.You’ll also learn how to reinforce these to captivate your audience! Bonus: secrets about stage presence and magic combos to learn to turn without throwing up!

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