English Workshops

Early bird package, until September 25 2014

Complete package all 5 workshops (10h) with Anasma and Smoky Eyes                  250$ CAN  

Workshops combos packages

3 workshops of your choice* package (6h) with Anasma and/or Smoky Eyes      165$ CAN  

 2 workshops of your choice* package (4h) with Anasma and/or Smoky Eyes      110$ CAN  

 *Please mention which workshop you wish to register to in the comments at payment checkout.


Saturday October 11

 10.30 am to 12.30 pm * 65$ CAN 

“Liquid Warrior!: Wushu Bellydance meets Hip Hop’’ (2h)

Technique drills and combo – advanced beginner to advanced 2h

Anasma proposes a unique blend of Wushu and her signature style, Hip Hop Bellyance Liquid fusion.

The three styles come together in an amazing flow between the Inner and Outer, creating contrasts for an explosive result! Connect the soft and sharp, the smooth and hard, the slow and fast. Get ready to to show who’s the boss!

The workshop contains technique, drills, and combinations . A short choreography will be taught.

 1.15 pm to 3.15 pm * 65$ CAN 

“Fairy tales” (2h)

Techniques and exploration – all levels – 2 hours

Basing our work on fairy tales, we will develop movement and short stories

associated to various characters and archetypes, shifting from male to female

to animal to fantasy characters: Prince Charming, The Evil queen, Sleeping

beauty, the White rabbit, the Cat, Dragon, Witches. Exploring those figures

as soloist and in a group, be prepared for a fun class full of interesting

interactions. We will also work with the way a fairy tale is built: a hero, a

vilain, a purpose for a quest,… a fight and an ending.


Sunday October 12

 10.30 am to 12.30pm * 65$ CAN  

“Liquid Belly Break Yoga”: Creative and Powerful floor work (2h)

NB: pretty physical workshop

Technique, combinations. intermediate-advanced 2h

Get back to the source. Pull the energy from the ground. Dancers are invited to perceive the

floor as a new dimension and play with their center of gravity. We will explore new ways by

spreading the body weight on various body parts (hands, hips, back, legs…). Anasma will explain

how to build up to certain Asanas so that each dancer can build strength and endurance at their

own pace, giving options for different levels of difficulty. These are baby steps towards a safe

and slow breakdance.

In order to do so, we will incorporate De Rose Method Yoga principles and body work, as well

as Modern dance into our Hip Hop Bellydance Liquid Fusion (popping, tutting).

We will learn techniques, play with creating our own combos and if times allows, create a short

combo or choreography. Recommendation: bring your kneepads and your granola bars.


Workshop by Blandine from The Smoky Eyes

1.15 PM to 3.15 PM * 65$ CAN 


You need brand new combinations to spice up your dance?

This workshop offers you combos from slow and intense to fast and furious, a real brain teaser!

The program includes:

– dynamic warm up and stretches to improve your flexibility

– isolations and shimmies

– choreography including the combos you will learn


3.30 pm to 5.30 pm * 65$ CAN 

Insane in the Brain! Explore Shape, space and design (2h)

Technique and exploration – combos – all levels – 2h

In this workshop, we will focus on the usage of shapes, space and design in our work.

Dancers will get here a great source of inspiration for their own creations:

+innovative exploration and metallization of inner and outer space

+creation based on geometric shapes and organic shapes

+work on transposition, change of planes, perspectives and weight placement

+utilizing images and icons as a source of inspiration

+definition of negative space , work in a pair and in a group.

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