Cabaret Danse Macabre is a festival held in Montreal since 2010. From its beginning, dancers and artists all across Québec and Canada have developed an interest for the event. Based on a Halloweenish concept, Cabaret Danse Macabre is quite unique! In the Tribal and Fusion scene, the event is internationally known and has made its way in Montreal’s underground art scene. Each year in October, we are honoured to receive international guests, as well as performers from all around the world. For the event, artists will present their latest choreography or its remastering. An intensive training is offered to the dancers as well as many networking activities.

The public will discover unique dark and Halloweenish creations in a festive and immersive experience. The main evening’s program: multidisciplinary performances by artists from all around the world, the Macabre Bazaar showcasing our local designer’s talent with exclusive creations, video screenings, a dance floor with live music, and the Macabre Photobooth, all this to give the audience a chance to join in the fun with us!



C.A.B.A.R.E.T. D.A.N.S.E. M.A.C.A.B.R.E


Oct. 10-11-12

Anasma (France) + Smoky Eyes (France)


Cabaret Danse Macabre 2013

Oct. 11-12-13
Illan Rivière (France) + Tribu Ghabal (QC)


Cabaret Danse Macabre 2012

Oct. 5-6-7
Edenia (USA) + Crystal Silmi (Espagne/Spain+USA) + Catherine De Sève (QC)


Cabaret Danse Macabre 2011

Oct. 8-9
Morgana (Espagne/Spain) + Danielle Hubbard (QC)


Cabaret Danse Macabre 2010

Oct. 16-17
Andrea Fryett (QC) + Audra Simmons (ON)


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