Hello! Just to let you know that we don’t plan a 2015 edition.

Contact us directly for any other questions.

* * *

Do you have any advice for accommodation close to the activities of the event?

For now, we have 3 recommandations for you. We have tried two of them: Casa Bianca and Pensione del Popolo. They are both places were we have hosted some of our guests. Hotel Lord Berri is very near from all the activities and it seems to be at nice place, not too expensive.

Casa Bianca

Hotel Bed & Breakfast B&B
4351 Avenue de l’Esplanade
Montreal | (514) 312-3837

Casa Bianca is a very nice historic and architectual place. Located near the park and the Mont Royal avenue, the view is incredible and each room has her own charm. It’s a ”green” and consciencious place and they serve organic breakfast. Have a look at the pictures and you’ll fall in love for sure!


Pensione Popolo

4873 Boulevard St-Laurent
Montreal | (514) 284-3804

Pensione Popolo is a nice artistic gypsy place. It’s located in Casa Del Popolo, as they called it ”Montréal’s only family-run neighborhood vegetarian hot-spot! Part fair-trade café, part music venue, part resto-bar and part art gallery…” Also, what is interesting is that you can rent a single room or a full appartement. It’s the best place if you coming with friends or alone and that you are on a budget.


Hotel Lord Berri

1199, Rue Berri, Montreal
(514) 845-9236 | 1 888 363-0363

* * *

Where do all the activities take place?

We have a few different activities for this Macabre week-end. Here are all the adresses you need to know for the event! They are all in the same spot, near metro Berri-UQAM, Sherbrooke and St-Laurent.

Théâtre Ste-Catherine

Opening Night
Friday Oct. 10
264 Ste-Catherine Est


Espaces des Arts

Oct. 11-12
9 Ste-Catherine Est, 2th floor


Club Soda

Main Show
Saturday Oct. 11
1225 St-Laurent


Foufounes Électriques

Closing Night/ Exhibition
Sunday Oct. 12
87 Ste-Catherine Est

* * *

I want to participate, how does it work?

Thank for your interest. It’s time to think about your auditions, you have until August 1rst to submit your ideas. Workshops will be announced this summer and tickets are available for the main show! Also, we are still looking for volunteers and artists for the Macabre Bazaar. If you want to give a bit of your time, take part of the event and see the shows for free, please have a look at this page: https://cabaretdansemacabre.com/participate2014/, thank you!

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